Walt Disney World S.E.A. Deluxe Resort

The next Deluxe Resort at Walt Disney World Resort will be The Lost City of Atlantis. Based on the famous expedition led by S.E.A. member Captain Mary Oceaneer. The location will be Discovery Island in Bay Lake. To create this new resort lots of changes will need to be made for this resort to become a reality. Bay Lake will be drained and it will be filled with concrete to keep the new Bay Lake clean. It will then be filled with sand which will help make the water a clear saltwater blue. The island will be expanded to house the subterranean parking structure as well as the new underwater hotel and a new volcano will be built on part of the island. A clear tube will serve as the entrance to this resort as you will drive your car under Bay Lake, as the anticipation grows for the grand reveal at the end of the road. For the ferries that service Wilderness Lodge and Fort Wilderness, special passageways will be created just for them so that they do not interrupt the story being told. Once the infrastructure is complete Bay Lake will be filled with all sorts of sea life. This new lake will now become the world’s largest outdoor aquarium. Here you will be able to swim with a pod of dolphins or dive to the depths to find more ruins of the Lost City.

At the end of the car tunnel, you see the opening expand as if something much larger had just recently carved its way through. As you continue along you see what looks like base camp. You drive up to the entrance and you wonder where the door is. Well, it is another piece of Disney magic. With the doors actually being screens and showing you views of the sea life just beyond the hotel. You walk in and you see an expansive concourse that has a seamless relationship between stone and water. You have just walked into Captain Oceaneer’s underwater base camp. You look at the ceiling and you see it is a glass dome with all sorts of sea life and submersible vehicles flying through the water. You are greeted by a life-size Audio-Animatronic of Duncan Captain Oceaneer’s parrot. He welcomes you to their home and invites you to explore the world, as there are many treasures left to be found but warns of the mysterious creatures that roams the waters surrounding the Lost City of Atlantis.

With this new resort, you will be able to explore the depths of the sea and also the volcano above. Each night you can enjoy a relaxing journey through the jungle before the volcano displays a beautiful and sometimes frightening show to remind you just who is in charge here.

This resort will feature a new type of transportation at the Walt Disney World Resort. Here you will be able to board the Underwater Voyager, a massive submarine that she used to discover The Lost City. There will be two routes, one that will take you around the Magic Kingdom and into the Rivers of America for easy access to the Magic Kingdom (where you will be unloaded onto an underwater bridge so that guests only see your party rising from the water and the Voyager will continue to be a mystery) and the other will take you to the Ticket and Transportation Center which will also be expanded to now handle all bus traffic to and from all of the other Parks and Resorts.

For the adults in your party head up to the new signature restaurant and lounge at the top of the volcano. From this vantage point, you will be at the highest point on property and if you time it right you will be able to see every parks nighttime fireworks display. The Restaurant will be called The Institute and it will bring back fond memories of your childhood as you stood in awe of artifacts in museums. Here is where we will display all of the artifacts found during your travels. Each trip to The Institute will be unique as your magic band will store all of the information from your travels and display them for you and everyone to see. The artifacts that you will find here will be based on an adult’s only scavenger hunt around the resort both on land and in the water. As you complete parts of your journey, you will collect virtual tokens, which will represent each artifact found. Every expedition is unique and the possible artifacts that can be found are endless. This will allow you to share tales of your journeys with other explorers in this exclusive lounge.