Mystic Point

Mystic Point is a site in Hong Kong Disneyland, where supernatural and mysterious forces and events are at play. The story line's location is set in an uncharted rain forest in Papua New Guinea.

It is where Lord Henry Mystic, where he lives in his Victorian home, Mystic Manor. The story goes that Lord Henry Mystic was on an expedition and fell in love with this tropical wilderness site. He cleared out some land next to the riverbank and built his home. Lord Henry Mystic also met his traveling companion at this location, a monkey he named Albert.

Lord Henry Mystic opened up his home to any explorers that found the location to share his collection from his own explorations with them.

Visitors to Mystic Point can find Mystic Manor, the Garden of Wonders, Mystic Point Freight Depot, the Explorers' Club Restaurant and The Archive Shop among the attractions and things to do.


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