Merriweather Adam Pleasure

When Disney set forth to emphasize the story line of Pleasure island- an industrial district turned nightlife center, they added Merriweather Pleasure and his family to the plot in the 1980's.

Merriweather Adam Pleasure was born in 1873 to a millionaire father and stage actress mother. In 1891, Merriweather decided to turn down his father's business proposition in an attempt to make it on his own as a business tycoon. "He lies about his age, brokers commodities on the New York Curb Exchange to make his first million and establishes the most advanced steel foundry in the world in Pittsburgh" ("Merriweather Adam Pleasure").

In 1898, Merriweather met his soon to be wife, Isabella Domenico, they shortly thereafter married and had two sons, Stewart and Henry. Later they would have a daughter, Merriam.

Pleasure was a world-traveler and avid adventurer. Once when traveling to Mexico, he had a vision of a moon-faced spirit called the Funmeister and sold his business empire to relocate to Florida. "He bought a retired showboat, "The Bailey-Finortner Floating Arts Palace", and used it as a floating mansion for a trip down the Florida Barge Canal System, arriving in Lake Buena Vista in 1911, again with records describing either a July 4th or December 31st date" ("Merriweather Adam Pleasure"). Pleasure saw a totem of the Funmeister on the banks of the Ferderber Peninsula, this was his sign that he had found where he was supposed to be. The site was currently being held as a sacred ceremonial ground for a Seminole tribe. Merriweather later found out they were actually the long-dead spirits of the "I-4 Indians." Pleasure was identified by the tribe spirits as someone who was carrying the spirit of the Funmeister and was allowed to settle, as long as he honored the spirit of the Funmeister.

"Over the next few years, the construction of Pleasure Canvas and Sailmakers would go into full swing, with the power station, sail making factory and canvas works fabrication plants going up in 1912 and starting full production by Christmas of that year," ("Merriweather Adam Pleasure"). In 1917, Pleasure would set off the world's largest firecracker and destroy the last linking part of land, turning the peninsula into an island, which left his daughter coining the term "Pleasure Island."

In 1921, Isabella would complain that Merriweather's archaeological collection and massive library were consuming their home. This led to Pleasure opening up the Adventurers Club, as a meeting place for like-minded explorers and adventurers. This would serve as his own chapter of the S.E.A.

In 1937, Merriweather gave Isabella an even larger home north of the island, this would eventually be known as the Grand Floridan Resort & Spa.

Merriweather continued on with various projects beyond sail-making- such as yachting, a fireworks factory, technological experimentation, an artifical intelligence lab and transportation prototypes. With all of his hard work, Merriweather never forgot to keep the spirit of the Funmeister alive. He hosted nightly New Year's Eve parties for all of the industrial workers with dancing, fireworks and refreshments.

In a 1941, Merriweather and Merriam would disappear at sea while on an expedition to the Antarctic. Henry and Stewart would run their father's business into the ground.

"Hurricane Connie destroyed much of the island in 1955, a storm that would also turn the Placid Palms Resort into Typhoon Lagoon. The Adventurers Club was sealed shut immediately after Merriweather's disappearance. Isabella would pass away in 1949 on Christmas Eve. Pleasure's legacy would eventually be revived when Disney "found" the island and redeveloped it into an entertainment district in the spirit of Merriweather's zest for life and adventure," ("Merriweather Adam Pleasure").


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