Mary Oceaneer

Mary Oceaneer was first introduced as part of S.E.A. in the queue of Mystic Manor. Disney further developed her story line as part of the Disney Cruise Lines Oceaneer Lab.

Mary was a treasure hunter and diver, always accompanied by her pet parrot, Salty. Treasure hunting and pirate lore were true joys for her and she hosted special "Pirate Nights" aboard her vessel. The maiden voyage of her Oceaneer Lab ship occurred on July 30, 1898.

Miss Adventure Falls is an attraction at The Typhoon Lagoon that shows the story of Mary Oceaneer's shipwreck aboard her ship the M.S. Salty IV.

Items of Mary's can be found at the Skipper Canteen including a map, the book "Parrots as Pets," her club fez and awards for Albert Falls adorned with her signature.


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