Manfred Strang

Manfred Strang is a reporter for the New York Globe- Telegraph.

He was at Harrison Hightower's press conference on New Years Eve, 1899. Strang questioned Hightower about the rumors of the cursed Shirki Untundu idol and was kicked out of the press conference. He later snuck back into a party later at the hotel, disguised as a waiter. He followed Hightower around until he went up into his penthouse in the elevator. Fifteen minutes later, the entire hotel lit up with a green glow and Hightower could be heard screaming as the elevator quickly fell crashing to the ground. Hightower was never to be seen again and upon investigation, all that could be found were the idol and his fez in the elevator. This convinced Strang that the hotel was cursed and needed to be torn down.

Thirteen years later, the hotel was to be opened for tours and Strang tried to convince them that the hotel must be torn down. Upon exploring the hotel, while trying to convince Beatrice Rose Endicott that it should not be opened for tours, the two found the idol and a phone rang. The call was from Hightower trying to warn them. The idol opened its' eyes and the two escaped the hotel.

Endicott did not believe what Strang was warning her of and announced the hotel would be opening for tours.


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