Lord Henry Mystic

Lord Henry Mystic was a very well traveled member of the Society of Explorers and Adventurers. He and his pet monkey, Albert, have traveled the world together to discover artifacts and treasures.

Henry Mystic built his home on the jungle territory where he first found Albert in Papua New Guinea. This land is know as Mystic Point. His house, known as Mystic Manor would eventually be opened up as a museum for any explorers that found their way to it. The museum has 7,000 artifacts collected from his travels.

In 1909, Lord Henry Mystic and Albert discovered and enchanted music box that is said to bring inanimate objects to life. Albert opened the box and brought the entire artifact collection to life. The chaos this caused was all undone by closing the box though, so no harm was done. This is the preface for the Mystic Manor attraction.


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