Kilimanjaro Safari into S.E.A

In incorporating Kilimanjaro Safari into the S.E.A. universe would give it more of a storyline and more of a purpose. As it stands right now the ride begins as a two-week safari aboard Simba 1 through the Harambe Wildlife Reserve in Harambe, East Africa. The wildlife reserve is 800 square km of natural terrain, including the Ituri forest, wetlands of the Safi River valley and the open bush country of the Serengeti Savanna.

We will really plus it up when it comes to the story as well as the overall experience of the ride. You will meet Game Warden Wilson Matua in the queue much like you do today, but now he will tell you the story of how Harambe Wildlife Reserve came to be. Harambe Wildlife Reserve is the oldest game reserve in all of Africa. It was founded by Professor R. Blauerhimmel and Doctor J.L Baterista. The story goes that the adventurers, both members of the Society of Explorer’s and Adventurers, were on their way to meet up with Dr. Albert Falls, to take a cruise down the Congo- when they spotted herds of wild beasts migrating across the savannah. The Professor decided to circle the area a few times, taking it all in, pointing out different landmarks for the good doctor to record, in case they ever wanted to come back.

After a few times around, they moved forward onto the JNC’s Congo River Headquarters to meet up with Dr. Falls. It was upon landing that both the Professor & the Doctor had lightbulbs go off. “Game Reserve!” they both exclaimed. Dr. Falls walking up to the plane heard their excitement and asked to be filled in. The Professor said, that they were going to buy enough land to protect as many wild beasts in Africa as they could and that they had already found the perfect location. Dr. Falls walked them towards the JNC office and yelled to his crew, the cruise is canceled, “We have an ark to plan for,” in reference to his newfound excitement for the idea of the reserve.

The trio then settled in to plan what would become Harambe Wildlife Reserve, the first game reserve in all of Africa.

Back to the attraction. It will be reimagined to be a more than two-hour-long experience that you cannot get anywhere else, outside of Africa. This will allow you, the guest, to have more time with the animals as well as an opportunity to see animals that you cannot encounter at your local zoo while you embark on a guided exploratory mission. You will be transported to Africa to see all of her wild beauties. Each area will be expanded, including the Savannah which will now have a visual wienie of its own. A wienie was Walt’s playful term for a visual element that could be used to draw people into and around a space. A wienie is big enough to be seen from a distance and interesting enough to make you want to take a closer look. Once on the Savannah, you will see the aforementioned weenie, which will become the newest mountain in the Disney Mountain range. Mt. Kilimanjaro will finally be a part of the attraction that bears its name. At the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro is The Lodge, which will be your new base of operations. Here you will disembark Simba 1, which means you are a little more than halfway through your journey. You will find a new table-service restaurant overlooking the grasslands where giraffe can actually walk up and be hand-fed by you. If you aren’t hungry, you can walk around the lodge and take in all of the artwork and artifacts from fellow explorers, or if you are eager to go after those poachers, you can follow a once hidden trail that isn’t so hidden anymore due to overuse by poachers and miners. At this point, you choose your own level of adventure. If you choose not to explore the path and ride the coaster awaiting you at the end, you can just continue on a leisurely trek through the savannah. If you are up for the adventure, follow the trail to the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro where you can line up to jump on board a tanzanite mine car and ride through the mountain hunting for the poachers and those helping to fund them. After you catch the miners you hurry back to Simba 1 with your new-found knowledge of where the poachers may be located. The bravest of explorers will be taken by their guide so that they can navigate a special route that brings them face to face with elephants and rhinos. Continuing this immersive and scripted experience, you see a truck speeding away in the background you hurry after it. Catching up, your driver tells you to hold on tight because he is going to ram the poachers off of the road. After successfully ruining their day you call Game Warden Matua to have the rangers come and collect the trash. As your journey is coming to an end, your driver comes to another clearing to allow you one last and even closer look at another herd of elephants.

As every journey ends here at Kilimanjaro Safaris we don’t say goodbye we say kwaherini and go well.