Hotel Hightower

Hotel Hightower is the name of the building in Tokyo DisneySea that houses the Tower of Terror attraction. It is a fictional hotel in New York City.

The hotel was built by Harrison Hightower III as a place for him to store his collection of artifacts. The hotel is 14 stories tall and has a spa and pool, parlor, ball room and garden. There is also a secret compartment with a hidden passageway to a vault for storage of the artifacts.

Hightower went missing from the hotel during a New Years party in 1899 in a mysterious occurrence with the Shiriki Untundu idol. The hotel then became abandoned.

In 1912, Manfred Strang wrote an article to argue for the hotel's demolition, after witnessing the event of Hightower's disappearance. Beatrice Rose Endicott, head of the New York Preservation Society did not believe in Manfred's claims about the hotel and decided to open to tours.


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