Alberta Falls

Alberta Falls is the granddaughter of Albert Falls, the founder of the Jungle Navigation Company. Alberta was sent to live with her grandfather when she was 8 years old because her father recognized an adventurous spirit within her that would better be matched living in the jungle. Her grandfather often went off on adventures of his own, so most of Alberta's care taking came from the skippers of the Jungle Navigation Co.

Alberta inherited the Jungle Navigation Co. from her grandfather and looked to the skippers for ideas to turn business around because shipping was in decline. They came up with the idea to start moving tourists instead of cargo, that is how the idea for the Jungle Cruise came about. The first Jungle Cruise was held on October 1, 1931 and the idea became a successful business model.

In 1938, Alberta opened up the Skipper Canteen as a way to feed travelers on their journeys. The menu at Skipper Canteen and the comedy of Jungle Cruise stem from Alberta's sense of humor, that she inherited from the skippers and her grandfather.


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